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ZOOM Watercolour Class

MONDAY, Jan. 4, 2023
 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
$95 (supplies not included) 
suitable for all levels

Intro to Watercolour

A taste of the world of watercolour painting.

You will learn the basic rules of watercolour painting, how to do a value study and how to plan your landscape painting.  You can follow along or just watch the demo.

Intro to Watercolour Landscapes

Learning to paint loose

with watercolour


If you're like me and love to go for walks and take pictures of your favourite scenery then you might enjoy watching how to create a beautiful landscape from a photo using watercolour paints. In this zoom class you will be see how I plan and produce a painting step by step. Follow along or watch first and do the painting on your own with the recorded zoom meeting.

AGE LIMIT: 18 years

suitable for all levels of ability

Payment will be made by e-transfer

once you have registered

You must have the latest version of the zoom app on your device (computer or tablet is best)

contact Tammy to register by email:                



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