Proof of Vaccination

Participants attending an in-person class at Poco Art Studio need to be fully vaccinated. I will not be asking for your Vaccine Card but in order to make everyone feel safe at the studio this is my request. Thank you for complying.

Guidelines to keep everyone safe

  • Please show up at the studio wearing a mask and/or a face shield. Once you are settled at your table you may remove your mask if you wish as we are then at a safe distance apart. (2 person classes)

  • While participating in a workshop (3-4 people) you will be required to where a mask for the entire time. 

  • When you arrive you will be going through CSL Countronics office. Use the hand sanitizer on the table. There is hand sanitizer in the studio upstairs also.

  • Using a mask and/or gloves will be up to the individual. PPE not included.

  • As your instructor I will not come close to you and I will wear a face shield the entire class. I will teach from a distance of at least 6 feet away from you. I will demonstrate from my table with an overhead mirror. If I need to see your work I will put on a face mask and stand at the side of your table 3 feet from you. Please let me know ahead of time if you would like me to not come over to see your work.

You will be greeted by me wearing a mask. If you have concerns about being in a room with people not wearing a face mask you can arrange for private classes for maximum safety protection.

Plexiglass barrier.JPG

For classes of 2 people there will be a plexiglass barrier

Art Classes

4 or 6 week classes will continue to have only 2 participants. During a class you have your own table and there is a plexiglass barrier between you and the other student. You will be able to remove your mask once seated.

Art Workshops

1 or 2 day workshops will have 3-4 participants. You will have your own table but there will be no plexiglass barrier. You must keep your mask on during the workshop.


  • The washroom will have been cleaned prior to class. Feel free to use the Sanitizing spray with paper towel to wipe the seat and handle. Dispose of paper towel in trash can please.


  • It happens don’t be alarmed just remember to use your sleeve or kleenex (available in the studio)


Cancel class if feeling unwell

  • Please call to cancel class if you feel even the slightest bit unwell or if you feel anything has put you at risk. 

  • IF you miss a class I will try to record the session and have it available for you.

  • Please inform me if you have recently been traveling outside the country.

  • Please inform me if you have been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19.     Thank you!
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Two tables with desk.jpg